The Neurotyping System: Changing your life for the best

I originally developed the Neurotyping system to help me understand myself. Training-wise I have never been able to stay on a program for more than 2 weeks and despite writing how “training ADHD” was bad, it’s something I have myself!

As a coach, I also learned through experience that not everybody responds well to the same programs. An approach that gives someone great results and keeps them super motivated might kill someone else’s motivation and have them regress!

I’m someone who always needed to understand why and how stuff works. This is why I started researching the impact of neurotransmitters on behavior and personality: to understand how my own brain works! But it quickly expanded and I started to see a lot of applications in regards to training and the Neurotyping system was born!

I believe that it is the ultimate tool to help a coach individualize their client’s training as well as their interactions with them.

So here is a cool story by someone who is having great progress himself, and helping tons of clients live a better life. Coach Mike Millner.

How Neurotyping changed a coach’s life

Mike Millner (coach_mike_millner on Instagram) is one of my most successful pupils. A success story that makes me proud and warms my heart. Mike not only registered for my online coaching service, but he also did the online Neurotyping certification course. He discovered how effective the system was and had amazing progress himself.

That alone would have been worth it for me as a coach. But what he did afterward was even more inspiring. Once he got certified with the Neurotyping system, he launched an online training group utilizing this system and quickly worked up to 500 online clients! Anybody who has ever done online coaching knows how massive that is!

Not only did Mike have a great progression himself, but he is now a financial success. But he is like me, money is not and was never the goal. More importantly, he was able to influence the lives of over 500 people. The Neurotyping system is as much about helping people with their life by allowing them to better understand themselves as it is about training.

So I’m glad to share Mike’s story and experience with the Neurotyping system.

Mike’s story in his own words

The concept of Neurotyping has changed the way I train and the way that I program for my clients.

When I read Thibs’ articles on Neurotypes and the application to training, it immediately resonated with me. I’m a Type 2A, someone who is good at reading people, and I’ve been training clients for years. The idea that our psychological and physiological make-up (ie. neurotransmitter dominance and brain chemistry) has an impact on the type of training we enjoy made so much sense.

We see it as trainers every day. It explains why a cookie-cutter approach to every client will never work. Neurotyping takes what we see and know as trainers, packages it in science, and gives us a platform for building training programs that are truly optimal – for ourselves and for our clients.

Personally, I made more progress training based on my Neurotype over the last 18 months than I had in the previous 5 years combined. I never understood why I didn’t do well with certain programs. I saw so many other people having great success with these templates but for some reason, they just didn’t work as well for me.

Being a type 2A, I thrive on variation. There was nothing wrong with the programs I was doing, they just didn’t fit my Neurotype. I no longer felt bad for getting bored with my training and constantly wanting to switch things up! When you start to understand your brain chemistry, personality type, and how it relates to training, you have so many “aha” moments. It changes the way you train forever.

Once Thibs offered the certification course, I jumped at the opportunity. I had to pay it forward and offer my clients the same benefits that I received. They were blown away by the physical results of training this way but the benefits go much deeper than that. Neurotyping helps you understand why you are the way you are, which is something we wonder our entire lives!

It goes beyond the gym and you begin to unpack things that impact other areas of your life like relationships, eating behaviors and lifestyle. By the end of this year, I’ll have had over 500 people go through a Neurotype training program with me and almost every single one of them echoes the same sentiments. That they’ll never train any other way again!

Here are 5 things I’ve learned from Neurotyping that changed the way I train and the way I train clients:

  1. Purpose – The most important component when it comes to getting results for yourself or your clients is buy-in. They have to believe in what they’re doing. When you train based on your personality and begin to understand the way your brain is wired it breeds commitment. There’s the meaning behind the program and it can help avoid the “shiny new toy” syndrome that’s common in fitness.
  2. Progression – Most programs either progress to aggressively, too slowly, or not at all. By understanding your Neurotype, we are able to progress optimally. Training with your neurological profile allows for less chronic stress and greater adaptation. This also yields more buy-in and long-term consistency.
  3. Perception – Every stage of growth starts with awareness. Knowing your Neurotype and why you respond in certain ways to certain things creates an understanding. With that understanding comes the ability to evolve in your training and in your life. You no longer perceive your actions as right or wrong. You now have the ability to understand them and modify your behaviors to turn your weaknesses into strengths.
  4. Potential – What are you capable of? You haven’t truly unlocked your potential until you start training based on your neurological profile. Training against your nature can have a negative impact on hormones, CNS recovery, and overall results. Neurotype training is one of the most efficient ways to reach your genetic potential.
  5. Potentiation – When you know what potentiates you, it’s easy to use that to your advantage with training. Understanding that on a neurological level will help to increase the effectiveness and efficacy of each session. Everybody has a “driving force”, something that motivates them to train hard. Knowing what it is will make it easier to get great results.

Be a real-life success story

The training world is competitive. If you are a coach training people in person or online, the greatest challenge is offering something different to your clients. Something that separates yourself from the other trainers out there. You should ask yourself “Why would a client come to me instead of any other trainer?”.

You need to offer something different, something more. The problem is that many coaches choose to go at it the “easy way”… they come up with some crazy stuff to give the illusion of innovation. They squat on BOSU balls, they turn every machine in the gym into a glutes exercise or they invent stuff that defies training common sense.

The Neurotyping system will give you an edge that will separate you from the pack without compromising your integrity as a trainer. It will simply give you a tool to better understand your clients, design better programs, and help them in their time of need.

If you want to make your mark as a trainer, the Neurotyping System is the tool to help you achieve that.