Explosiveness makes Type 1B fast-thinking and fast-acting.

They need to push themselves hard and often prone to excess.

They are competitive spirit leads them to excel under pressure and acts impulsively.


Type 1B prefers lifting heavy, move big loads, than feeling the pump.

They handle intensity very well but need to lift explosively.

They react well to high frequency and they need exercise variation. To them, the best stimulus is to maximally accelerate a load.

Type 1B needs to avoid paused lifts and partial from a dead start.


Type 1B will do best on low carb diets. While this does not mean they need to cut all carbs, they should use them later in the day or post-training.


The Neurotype system is an approach Christian Thibaudeau developed to understand an individual’s brain better. Knowing your neurotype helps you through decisions regarding training, nutrition, and supplementation.

Working with neurotype help maximizes the output of each gym session, make sure you recover to the fullest.

Not only your knowledge of neurotype will bring your skills to the next level, but you will guide you through the best nutritional and lifestyle choices for your individual type.

Stand out from the crowd. Be the best version of yourself.