Type 2A are highly adaptable to different people and different situation.  

They need to be stimulated to feel confident, good about themselves, and productive. They tend to procrastinate when they are not under time constraints but are very productive when they are under pressure. 

Routine can quickly become boring and they will look for new situations and challenges to increase the thrill.  


Training a type 2A is easy, as everything will work, but it will work only for a short amount of time and should be changed frequently. 

Presenting them with a variety of new training methods, tools, and challenges will keep them motivated and ensure their progress. 

However, staying too long on the same training regimen will have a direct impact on an inevitable drop in motivation.  


They are reward-dependant, so can tend to binge out in order to feel satisfied. 

They will do well on a Zone-type diet with an equal amount of proteins, fats, and carbs. 

Neurotype System

The neurotype system is an approach Christian Thibaudeau developed to understand an individual’s brain better. Knowing your neurotype helps you through decisions regarding training, nutrition, and supplementation.

Working with neurotype help maximizes the output of each gym session, make sure you recover to the fullest.

Not only your knowledge of neurotype will bring your skills to the next level, but you will guide you through the best nutritional and lifestyle choices for your individual type.

Stand out from the crowd. Be the best version of yourself.