Intensity makes Type 1A  highly-emotional and impatient. They hate being held back and react poorly to authority.

They need to push themselves hard and often prone to excess.

Their competitive spirit leads them to excel under pressure and acts impulsively.


They are also very sensitive to dopamine which increases their capacity to handle heavy lifts very often. They are built for strength, not acceleration. Explosive training will slow their recovery.

Type 1A athletes don’t need a lot of variations, so the same lifts can be used often.

Need to Avoid long training sessions over 40 minutes and deloading with frequency or intensity of the load.


Type 1A needs a good amount of carbs in their diet to minimize the adrenaline elevation which tends to be excessive due to a poor clearance. The carbs will help them avoid burning out. They also need a high protein intake to support dopamine production.


The neurotype system is an approach Christian Thibaudeau developed to understand an individual’s brain better. Knowing your neurotype helps you through decisions regarding training, nutrition, and supplementation.

Working with neurotype help maximizes the output of each gym session, make sure you recover to the fullest.

Not only your knowledge of neurotype will bring your skills to the next level, but you will guide you through the best nutritional and lifestyle choices for your individual type.

Stand out from the crowd. Be the best version of yourself.