Sensations drive pretty much everything they do. They tend to be very emotionally driven individuals and like to relate to people by connecting with them. They are excellent at reading other people and much prefer 1 on 1 conversation vs. being in a group session. 

Type 2B wants to please others above all else. Their greatest motivation is to be liked and respected by others.  


Type 2B are all about sensations: they need to feel it. They are looking for that mind-muscle connection. 

They do well on any bodybuilding training and recover very slowly from neurologically-intensive training. 

They really need to feel the muscles burning when they’re training. 

However, explosive work training including jumps and plyometrics will result in too much fatigue for them.


Type 2B can have a large serving of carbohydrates, in a targeted meal rather than having them distributed throughout the day.  

However, the total at the end of the day should reflect the equal distribution.  

An overly restrictive diet will tend to have them migrate toward endurance work. 

Neurotype System

The neurotype system is an approach Christian Thibaudeau developed to understand an individual’s brain better. Knowing your neurotype helps you through decisions regarding training, nutrition, and supplementation.

Working with neurotype help maximizes the output of each gym session, make sure you recover to the fullest.

Not only your knowledge of neurotype will bring your skills to the next level, but you will guide you through the best nutritional and lifestyle choices for your individual type.

Stand out from the crowd. Be the best version of yourself.