Type 3 athletes are anxious by nature and offset this by following routine and building structure into their life. 

Planning and preparing are second nature to them, in life. This gives them control over circumstances and helps predict the outcome to avoid any new stimulus that might trigger more stress. 

Adapting to change or new situations is very challenging for a Type 3They are more likely to accumulate knowledge since they have good focus and concentration. 


Type 3 is all about planning and structure. When they have a precise structure to work within they are comfortable. 

They will respond a lot better if you give them a plan where they can see the next weeks of training in advance. 

Type 3 prefer activities that foster control. Those tend to be repetitive, have low muscular demand and not lead to muscle failure, such as most endurance activities. 

They prefer work that gives them control over the execution, and which they have practiced a lot. This means that using the same exercise, over a long period of time, is a good thing with type 3. 

Type 3 needs to avoid work that may result in excessive fatigue which reduces control. 


Type 3 needs the most carbohydrates of all neurotypes. The best way for them to eat carbs is if those are distributed throughout the day. 

Their need for structure is reflected in their limited food choices and they should be encouraged to try new foods, one at a time.  

Neurotype System

The neurotype system is an approach Christian Thibaudeau developed to understand an individual’s brain better. Knowing your neurotype helps you through decisions regarding training, nutrition, and supplementation.

Working with neurotype help maximizes the output of each gym session, make sure you recover to the fullest.

Not only your knowledge of neurotype will bring your skills to the next level, but you will guide you through the best nutritional and lifestyle choices for your individual type.

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